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Default Re: The Size Appeal of Jenn Purviance

Size Appeal has now released a second video showing behind-the-scenes footage of its recent shoot.

Jenn shows up at 0:32 in the cosmetics artist's chair, having her hair done and looking scrumptious in a camisole. This merges into footage of her showing off the sinfully seductive snakeskin dress, looking especially full-figured in the profile view (which accentuates her reverse-view curves), and in the black dress and crimson dresses as well.

While the previously mentioned shots comprise the daytime footage of the video, at 2:20ff. Jenn shows up again for some night-time shooting, again looking voluptuous and generously proportioned. And don't miss a few final, seductive shots of Jenn at 2:53, in which the camera highlights the luscious curve her her chin.

Stunning video.
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