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Default ''Celebrate that over-indulgence''

Given that we live in a media culture that is averse to any notion of traditionalism, and fanatically committed to imposing Marxist-feminist ideology by any means that it can, it's extraordinary to find such honest and perceptive statements in the mainstream press.

Consider the following quotations from the above articles:

"Men are not specially attracted to very thin women: there’s no Darwinian explanation for the appeal of thinness. Quite the opposite in fact.”

“Resist the temptation to cover up if you put on a few extra pounds,” she advises. “Celebrate that over-indulgence."

"In the end, the female body is the greatest design of them all,” surmises Bayley, “as much a work of art as of nature"

"Men are programmed to like their women soft and feminine."

Every one of these statements is true. In fact, in any century prior to the 20th, these assertions would have been considered expressions of the obvious.

Everyone would have known, from the evidence all around them--from the experiences of their own lives--that men are attracted to curvaceous women (the softer and more feminine, the better). Women would have delightedly over-indulged themselves, and proudly shown off their increasingly luscious figures.

But in our time, that kind of traditional wisdom has been suppressed as vehemently as full-figure beauty itself, all out of a fanatical modernist zeal to deform humanity into an androgynous conglomerate, an undifferentiated mass of worker-drones deprived of any essential identity.

Yet even decades of ideological brainwashing cannot alter the human heart. A man still dreams of being the breadwinner for the goddess whom he loves; to provide for her and protect her and take care of her. A women still longs for a life of ease and pleasure. Both men and women silently yearn for traditional relationships, and no wonder--for that traditional ideal is based on natural human impulses, and it served humanity well for countless millennia.

Only when those timeless life-ideals are restored will men and women find true happiness and fulfillment.

Perhaps Whitney Thompson's most beautiful image ever--a still from her "My Life as a Covergirl" cupcake-baking commercial.

Femininity, indulgence, and beauty combined--the epitome of womanly attractiveness.

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