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Default Re: The Beauty of the 1950s

I could not agree more with the statements made in this post, particularly the last two paragraphs.

I hope this is not completely off topic, but women today are more stressed and less content than in decades gone by. Full-figured beauty, and the lack of it, does tie into the concept of our modern society. Women are so busy; working full time, coming home tired, drained of energy, and then trying to raise children and run a household, that they barely have time to eat and enjoy a satisfying meal. Instead, modern women are driven to diet and exercise in order to achieve the emaciated figure that we have been duped into thinking is the accepted norm.

I'm definitely going out on a limb here, but I wish things were the way they were in the 1950s when women were allowed to be women; delighting in their domestic tranquility, and revered in their natural full-figured beauty. Women were put on a pedestal and were treated as the fairer sex. Women had the time to care for their homes and families and to eat and indulge.
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