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Default Re: ChloŽ and Christina: lovely in lilac

Both Chloe and Christina are utterly gorgeous. They do have "timeless" looks - not the harsh features that modern models and actresses possess, but soft, angelic faces of the kind that you see in great paintings from the past. In face and figure, they embody roundness. True femininity. Contours, not angles. Fullness, not bones.

Seeing them bedecked with flowers is like viewing them as they would have appeared if they were dressed in the clothing of past centuries - the kind of attire that would have best suited their unmodern beauty. I can easily imagine Chloe as the fairest maiden in an ancient Irish village, wearing a wreath of fresh-cut blossoms while dancing at a spring festival. And the "tropical" theme of Christina's wardrobe makes one think of an idyllic paradise of ease and relaxation, with white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees - the perfect environment for her lush beauty.

I love the gentle, caring looks that Christina gives in this scene. She is heartbreakingly pretty. The screencaps reminds me of just how good an actress she is, as well as a model. I always wish we could see more of her.
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