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Default Re: Justine Legault: Elle Québec cover (VIDEO)

On its Web site, Elle Quebec has now published a page with a backstage slideshow of the making of its historic cover. What's interesting is that the text reveals that there was no guarantee that the publication was going to produce such a size-celebratory cover. It shot Justine in a number of other looks -- all of which were attractive, but none nearly so pro-curvy as the cover choice.

Here's the original page, as run through a Google translation:

The first caption confirms:

At the time of the shooting, there is not yet any outfit will be chosen for the cover.
A few photos of the first look:

The following caption accompanies the above photo:
the team meets to make a preselection of images of the first look.
Surely Elle must have realized right away what an exciting cover image it had on its hands!

Second look:

Caption for the above photo: "The pro at work."

Caption for the above photo: "Using a light wind gives a lot of volume to the hair."

Caption: "This time, [stylist] Jay Forest uses a fan to effect movement at the bottom of the dress."

Caption: "Look#4 - the little white dress."

Caption: "The spray of water a must for wet hair that keeps this look #5."

Frankly, I think Elle should have published an editorial with pictures of all five looks. However, there's no question that it chose by FAR the best look, and photo, for its cover.

The magazine is even asking readers which selection they prefer: the current cover, or an alternative:

Number 1 all the way! Other recent Elle covers with faux-plus models or celebrities failed, because the cover personages didn't look full-figured. In Elle Quebec's cover, Justine is unmistakably plus-size (and gorgeous), making it a perfect image.

Oh, and by the way, here's a version of the cover photo with no text:

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