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Default Re: Justine Legault: Elle Québec cover

How thrilling! The Daily Mail, one of the two most-read newspapers in the U.K., just ran a story about Justine Legault's appearance on the cover of Elle Quebec.

It comes with a splendid title ("The Thigh's the Limit!") and is an altogether positive and celebratory story.

The thigh's the limit! Elle Quebec casts plus-size model for its latest cover - and puts her sensational curves front and center

By Margot Peppers

1 May 2013

Plus-size models have been making strides in the fashion world recently, and now another has been chosen to grace the cover of a major, mainstream magazine.

Justine Legault, 26, looks effortlessly chic as Elle Quebec's May 2013 cover girl, striking a pose in a white shirtdress, her blonde hair styled in natural waves.

And rather than attempting to conceal her curves, the image celebrates the 5ft 9in, size 14 model's full-figured thighs, placing them front and center.

I LOVE the fact that just as readers did here at The Judgment of Paris, the reporter singles out for praise the fact that the cover image bares and celebrates the most full-figured aspect of Justine's figure, her luscious thighs.

The next paragraph reads expressly like JOP text, with its references to Justine's "soft" and "timeless" beauty:

With her blonde locks, soft features and green eyes, Miss Legault, who has done fashion campaigns for Nordstrom, Macy's and Avenue, to name a few, exudes timeless beauty.

In the interview with the magazine, the French-speaking model - whose dream was once working behind the camera - explains that she was discovered by chance at the age of 20 by an agency looking for a plus-size girl.

'At my first photo shoot, I remember hearing the photographer call my agent on the phone and say, "Oh my god! We've got something here!"' she said.

And after her career began to take off, Miss Legault moved from Quebec to New York, where she now lives and is represented by Muse NYC.

'My beauty regime is similar to that of other models,' she explains, noting that her job means she has to take care of her skin and maintain her figure.

'Except that I love a good meal and I eat very well!' she adds.

How amazing that Justine actually uttered that last phrase, openly delighting in the generous appetite which has given her her beauty. How positive a statement this is, one which young girls will read and, in so doing, learn to be comfortable with their natural appetite and eat whatever they wish, without any stigma.

The reactions to Miss Legault's cover and spread have overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising her for embracing her womanly curves, as well as applauding the magazine's decision to choose her.

One supporter wrote on the magazine's website: 'So nice to see the cover of Elle Quebec take on a new shape. Bravo.'

Another said: 'Bravo Elle Quebec for the May issue! I received it yesterday and as soon as I laid eyes on the cover, I said to myself, "Finally! A plus-size model." It's great to see the 'real world' sometimes.'

And while some may criticize her or judge her solely on her appearance, Miss Legault says it doesn't faze her.

'How many times have people told me during an audition: "I don't like your hair, I don't like your teeth…?"' she says.

'I didn't listen to those people and I continued to have confidence in myself. I prefer to remember compliments from people who like me how I am, and believe in me.'

Bravo, bravo, bravo to the Daily Mail for a 100% pro-curvy article, as celebratory as the cover on which it reports.

And kudos to Mademoiselle Legault for delivering such utterly perfect answers to the reporter's questions, and for making statements as size-celebratory as her images.
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