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Default Re: Justine Legault: Elle Québec cover

Justine's Elle Québec cover continues to attract press attention, which is a good thing in itself, but even better in the fact that the media coverage has been altogether uncommonly positive.

There's just something about the cover that brings out favourable responses in even neutral writers; which just confirms a point that the Judgment of Paris has always made: that timeless beauty, as embodied in gorgeous and genuinely full-figured models (not faux-plus frauds and not "real women" homeliness), can prompt a revaluation of aesthetic values.

The Huffington Post, for example, has published not just one but two pieces devoted to Justine's cover.

Notice that the writer singles out for praise Justine's fair tresses, and especially the fact that the image expressly showcases the fullness of Justine's thighs. Finally, an end to media rubbish about "flaws" and "flattering clothing" (i.e., body-disguising). Everyone is in love with this cover because it unambiguously presents Justine as being plus-size (and beautiful) and highlights her fullest features:

Three cheers for Elle Quebec, who decided to give their readers a gift this month with an awesome new cover model. Justine LeGault, who poses for the May 2013 issue, is a plus-size model with gorgeous blonde hair and a size 14 bod, both of which she showcases on the lovely new fashion cover.

Unlike so many mag covers featuring curvier women, Elle Quebec's shows Justine's whole body, with the camera angle tilted to highlight her bare thigh. As a self-declared "International Curvy Model," LeGault has nothing to hide -- and neither does Elle. The new issue has been highly praised by Internet commenters and editors, success that should indicate to other fashion editors that they have nothing to fear by featuring more shapely models.

The second HuffPo writer is just as favourable.

She too can't help but enthuse over Justine's thighs and how affirmatively the cover presents them:

Elle Quebec certainly wasn't afraid to show off the blond beauty's curves. The cover photo features the 5'9 model's bare legs and thighs front and centre.

If anything, an article from The Gloss is even more affirmative.

This text is so good, it could have been penned by someone on this forum. Notice that the writer praises the fact that Justine's legs make it clear that all of this beauty could only belong to a plus-size model, and that no one could mistake Justine for a minus-size type:

Rather than hiding her legs under a tunic, or Photoshopping them into two little twigs, Elle put Ms. Legault’s thighs front and center, and even let them keep a tiny bit of dimpling. There’s no mistaking her leg for that of a straight size model. She stares straight into the camera, as if to let us know that she sees us seeing her leg and that she’s showing it to us on purpose, giving off an impression of confidence, which, in turn, makes her even more beautiful.

The Fashion Spot, which runs a popular form for loves of underweight models and minus-size fashion, breaks new ground with a commendatory article of its own.

The text is quite sensual, actually:

Justine Legault is quickly taking the fashion world by storm with her 5'9" and a U.S. size 14/16 frame. But size aside, she's a real stunner with an admirable attitude to boot. Her pictorial has her suggestively flashing her thighs in a barely-there white shirt dress, blonde hair styled in natural waves, with a smouldering green-eyed stare popping from the page.

Justine also gets a write-up at Radar Online and at the following site:

No writers can take their eyes off Justine's luscious thighs:

Introducting Justine Legault, a French-Canadian model who is positively ravishing on this cover in a gauzy white shirtdress and flashing some thigh in an ever-so provocative manner. This is definitely progress.
Better still, this author favourably compares Justine to a previous faux-plus model who achieved some success, stating that the thinner girl was merely

a size 12, so she didn’t really fit into the true “plus-size” spectrum, but as a model, she definitely qualified as opposed to the size 0 types who can barely walk down the runway because they haven’t eaten solid foods in days. Now here comes Justine, who is several inches shorter than Robyn at 5’9” and a size 14, and she’s quickly taking the modelling world by storm in her own way.
Even writers in the non-plus press recognize that there is a significant different between having a faux-plus model penetrate the minus-size fashion world, and having a true plus-size model (size 14 and up) do the same.

It's as if, in seeing Justine, the press is taking a second look at classical beauty (which they have suppressed and denounced for decades) and realizing, "Goodness, full-figured femininity is breathtakingly lovely after all, and the timeless ideal is superior to modernist androgyny."
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