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Default Re: ''Beauty Reborn'' press release

All of the information pertaining to this event has been uniformly positive, and if anything, our expectations for a truly groundbreaking program on behalf of timeless beauty have only increased.

And how interesting to note the contest's precise size range. Many European clients (too many) still restort to using faux-plus models to exhibit their wares. Therefore, to hear that this competition will begin at a U.K. size 16, and will venture into yet-curvier territory, is truly encouraging. Let's hope that this will finally persuade British and continental companies to feature true plus-size models in their promotions.

But the most exciting aspect of Beauty Reborn is still the opportunity that it will afford to see Charlotte Coyle herself, live and in person, and even to attend a celebration at the Café de Paris with her and the show's contestants, after the scheduled activities. Something like this has never happened before--and it may never happen again.

Some tickets are still available from:

Oh, to be in England on March 5th . . .

Part of Charlotte's unforgettable Torrid series:

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