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Default Re: ''Beauty Reborn'' press release

The press release now also appears here, at the online site of New Woman magazine, which is the equivalent of Glamour in Britain. In addition to the text posted earlier in this thread, the latest edition of the press release adds that

Charlotte's battle to stage the contest has been followed by a Channel 4 documentary team, who will also be filming at the final event. The resulting programme will screen in the channel's high profile 9pm slot.

No matter how many official notices appear pertaining to this show, it still seems like a fragment of heaven on earth--like the kind of media event that could only take place in an ideal world. And yet, it is really happening--and what's more, it's happening this Sunday.

We have long predicted the coming of a modern-day Renaissance of timeless feminine beauty, but with this event (and the TV program of which it is a part), that dream may soon become a reality.

Charlotte--changing public ideals of beauty, one TV screen at a time . . .

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