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Default Re: Picture a better world

Originally Posted by Madeline
Have you read Zaftig:The Case for Curves? You would really enjoy all the voluptuous imagery found in art history.

It's been a while, but I remember that a review of Zaftig was one of the very first posts on this forum. The premise of the book is good, but it's haphazardly arranged, and the visual selections could have been better.

As for voluptuous imagery in art history, the best collection I've ever seen is the Pinacotheca (art gallery) at this very Web site:

It features hundreds of images of plus-size beauty from all periods of Western civlization, from Classical Greece to the First World War (after which art went into permanent decline).

It really proves the point that the fuller female figure was the ideal of beauty in every century throughout history, before the modernist takeover in the 1900s.
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