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When you look past modern propaganda and see the Victorian period for what it was, you discover that it was a beautiful time in which men and women were happier and more fulfilled, because they recognized the natural order of things and embraced it.

Originally Posted by HSG
Victorian and Edwardian images celebrate the traditional feminine crafts. Moreover, they exhibit them in aesthetically appealing ways, showing that these distaff arts were pleasurable pastimes.

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All of the images are lovely, but this one struck me as especially beautiful and meaningful. What I noticed especially was that although there is a sewing machine in the picture, it isnt an image of mechanization at all. Sewing is still a folk art here (just with a new tool), and thanks to the flowers, the dress, the pose, everything, the impression is still an organic one. The Victorians confronted the rise of technology, but subsumed it into a romantic existence. It didnt dominate them - they humanized it.

Today, the opposite has happened. Instead of techology being humanized, it is women who are becoming mechanized - from plastic implants to gym torture to career drudgery to cold, "tough," unemotional behavior. Media culture and modern ideology has taught women to be unnatural, but it turns out that maybe the natural, traditional way was better after all.

It really makes a person long for that more beautiful time - which wasnt even all that long ago...
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