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Default ChloŽ and Christina: lovely in lilac

When we stumbled across the birthday pictures that Miss Agnew recently posted on her Web log, the one showing ChloŽ bedecked in a lilac garland and sporting a matching boa particularly caught our fancy.

ChloŽ looks stunning in this outfit, with her golden tresses and fair complexion exquisitely set off by the rich floral hues. The lip colour perfectly matches the accessories, and ChloŽ's mischievous expression is the crowning touch.

Click to enlarge

While we were gazing at this image, it occurred to us that something about the styling was oddly familiar. After a few moments' pondering, we recalled where we had seen a vaguely similar outfit: in the final episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Season Two, featuring the breathtaking Christina Schmidt.

True, Miss Schmidt's outfit is somewhat different from ChloŽ's. The storyline of this episode has the Degrassi students participating in a Hawaiian-themed school dance. Instead of a garland, Christina wears blossoms in her hair, and rather than a featured boa, she sports a Hawaiian-style lei--a necklace of flowers. But the colour scheme is very similar, and the effect is comparably enchanting.

Christina was always lovely on Degrassi, but this may have been the most gorgeous, feminine outfit that she ever wore on the show--an attractive, sleeveless dress embellished with floral accessories. It was like an Angelo Asti painting come to life; fashion worthy of a more beautiful era than our own.

Notice, in this still, that she also looked alluringly buxom in her dress.

The scene in question (which appears as an online video in our profile of the model, linked below) involves Christina comforting a male classmate whose father has just passed away. The dramatic scenario allows her to express a profound depth of emotion, her character's empathy with her friend evident in her facial expression.

Christina's beauty in this scene is dazzling, heightened by the wounded, vulnerable look in her eyes. She is so warm and nurturing. Observe how sensually round and full her facial features appear, with plump cheeks, high cheekbones, and a babylike, pouting mouth. No one could help becoming enamoured of her.

Although we usually pay scant attention to cosmetics on this site, Christina's lovely makeup in this scene is worth noting. Observe how her lilac eyeshadow harmonizes perfectly with her floral accessories. (Also, marvel at how soft and delicate her facial features appear in this still.)

Here is another look at Christina's pretty eyeshadow. It was a stroke of genius on the MUA's part to complement the lilac blossoms in her hair, and around her neck, with this shade. This particular still is highly effective because it shows Christina with sensually parted lips, conveying the appetitive quality that is so much an element of her irresistible beauty.

ChloŽ Agnew and Christina Schmidt are close contemporaries, and two of the most gorgeous girls in the public eye. They embody the pinnacle of timeless beauty, both in face and figure. How appropriate that they should have adopted similar lilac-themed outfits, albeit for wholly different purposes. This rich colour, one of the prettiest in nature, suits them both exceptionally well.

These pictures also indicate how vividly floral accouterments enhance feminine beauty. It would be a pleasure to see such accessories come back into style, as part of the ongoing push for the "New Femininity" in fashion.

(Notice the sensual fullness around Christina's middle, in the above still.)

- Christina Schmidt profile

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