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Default Re: ChloŽ and Christina: lovely in lilac

The official Celtic Woman site now features several new stills of Chloe from the forthcoming Songs from the Heart special.

Again, the grey dress fascinates because it conforms to her figure so closely, emphasizing the concept of Miss Agnew as a classical sculpture come to life, like a latter-day Galatea.

This still features Chloe during the folk-dance number, which is sure to be a high point of the evening, as Miss Agnew possesses the affinity for dance that is so characteristic of full-figured goddesses.

But it will surely be her Victorian-style pink gown with embroidered bustier and matching sash that will steal the show.

This still provides a wonderful view of Chloe's feminine figure. Her supplicatory hand gesture is interesting, almost suggesting a moment of prayer. (Actually, Chloe appears to be thanking the audience at this moment.)

And here we see Chloe taking her bows at the end of the show, along with several other group members, including Celtic Woman's music director, David Downes.

Songs from the Heart is set to debut this weekend on most PBS stations. Be sure to tune in to see the loveliest singer in the world--a timeless beauty of the first order.

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