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Default Re: "A desire for the comfort of fullness"

Originally Posted by HSG
"There is one particular cultural difference which I wish to explore academically at Princeton. American women, I believe, actually feel the same as Hispanic women about weight: A desire for the comfort of fullness. And when that desire is suppressed for style, and deprivation allowed to rule, dieting, exercising American women become afraid of everything associated with being curvaceous, such as wantonness, lustfulness, sex, food, motherhood. All that is best in life."

That quote from the film has to be one of the best, if not THE best statements I have ever heard about plussize beauty, and how many women try to destroy their own appearance with self-inflicted physical torture - for no reason at all. This does deserve an academicy study - many, in fact.

How sad that the mass media keeps pushing starvation and exercise torture at us, trying to make us WANT to punish ourselves. Why not produce magazines that celebrate "wantonness, lustfulness, sex, food, motherhood" - which are, as the film says, "All that is best in life"? A magazine with those themes, and featuring plussize models, would be a dream come true for every woman in America.

By the way, I rented the movie, and enjoyed it, but I still found it frustrating that both the main character and her daughter were terribly skinny. Its another case where the words are positive, but the images do NOT correspond.
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