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Default Re: ''Feminine romanticism'' fashion's future

Since Scarlett Johannson came up in this thread, I thought I would add a link to a new article about her, in which she not only reaffirms her determination not to diet, but points out something that a lot of us have noted for a while now - that fashion has never been more favorable for the fuller female figure:

Here is an excerpt -

"the darling of many a designer thinks that the current fashion climate is perfect for her hourglass figure - Scarlett, we salute you.

Starlet Scarlett, 20, told this week's Grazia: "I accept I'm never going to be rail-thin. I think it's the right time for me."

"I dress so I can feel like I'm a princess who has the chance to wear a wonderful outfit, have my hair done and wear some fabulous jewellery."

The trouble is, I tried to find some pictures in which Scarlett looks even a teensy bit plus, and couldnt. She is, of course, very thin. But at least she dresses in a feminine way. Her outfits would look even better on a fuller figure.
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