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Default Re: ''Feminine romanticism'' fashion's future

Originally Posted by MelanieW
"Starlet Scarlett, 20, told this week's Grazia: "I accept I'm never going to be rail-thin. I think it's the right time for me."

"I dress so I can feel like I'm a princess who has the chance to wear a wonderful outfit, have my hair done and wear some fabulous jewellery."

I finally found a picture in which Scarlett Johannsen actually does look like a "princess." Not only is this the first time that I have ever seen her look really pretty, but the dress is as perfect an example of "Feminine Romaticism" as I have ever seen. She is still extremely thin, but she does exude a certain softness in this image. It's the cover of the Janary issue of Elle magaine:

But if you go to the Elle Web site, you can see a much larger version of the same photo, sans cover copy:

Besides that incredible, gorgeous, dreamlike dress, I think it's the dramatic eye makeup that makes Scarlett look so much prettier in this image than usual.

Elle has a surprisingly good track record of producing beautiful and almost-curvy covers. There was the memorable J-Lo cover a few months ago, and they also had a surprisingly pretty Britney-Spears-while-pregnant cover a few months back, in which the singer looked uncommonly soft and pretty.

Finally, Ms. Johannsen has produced an image that is in line with her size-positive statements.
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