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Default Re: ''The new taboo'' (article)

The article that Hannah posted is excellent, and its encouraging to find an author speaking favourably about "tradition" and associating that with an appreciation of the fuller female figure.

I was also struck by what the writer says about mothers and daughters. I thought of it when I came across a new article today. Its a mess of mixed messages overall, but it has a positive title and caption

Young women are embracing curves

Young women equate the half-starved look with their middle-aged mothers

Here is the relevant portion from the article.

Maria Janssen, Global Managing Editor for Youth, Street and Sport at WGSN, an industry trend forecaster, thinks that Mone is on to something. “We’re seeing a new mood coming through, which is more realistic and confident,” she says. “Youth today is very aware of the economic crisis and other big issues that we’re facing. Body issues aren’t seen as so important as they were.”

On British streets you’ll see no shortage of fashion-conscious girls who seem much more relaxed than my generation did about wearing teeny skirts and skimpy tops even when their bodies don’t look like those of Lady Gaga, Fearne Cotton or Alexa Chung. Equally, given that the ultra-skinny Desperate Housewives aesthetic is a trophy look among older women, along with immobile, slightly puffy faces, perhaps young women will eventually reject the half-starved ideal as something quaintly primitive that appealed to their middle-aged mothers.

I HOPE the writer is correct. I hope that todays generation of young girls will dismiss emaciation and diet-starvation and exercise-torture as something out of date and passé, something that their mothers did, and they reject.

After all, since dieting and exercising make women look haggard and old, while softness and fullness keep them young, it makes sense that girls would associate those types of body-torture with middle age and old age.

Its just a shame that the writer of the article didnt cite better, prettier representatives for curvy girls (like Chloe Agnew, Christina Schmidt, or the top plussize models - who all need better publicity, so they will come to mind for stories like this).
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