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Default Re: ''The new taboo'' (article)

Originally Posted by Hannah
I like how she ties being curvy with being "traditional, a throwback to old times" - words that she uses proudly, in a positive sense. Those should be positive ideas, despite how the media attempts to make them negative. In "old times," women were comfortable eating whatever they wanted, and were proud of being curvy (and they were more moral and ladylike as well).

Hear, hear. The writer's embrace of traditional values is proud and defiant--for in this day and age, to be willfully traditional is the only truly rebellious position left to take, the only one that is genuinely unique and original and distinctive. Simply to be more "shockingly" modern is actually the most conventional and typical stance that anyone could adopt. But to defy the modern world and embrace the healthier, more beautiful values of the past--that is the mark of an independent spirit.

It's appalling to see how the modern media tries to give words like "traditional" a negative spin, when in fact, they are wholly positive. And when the media refers to a woman as a "throwback to old times," it employs this phrase as an accusation, condemning that person for not marching in lock-step with the feminist agenda.

But think about the lifestyles that are associated with those words.

Who is actually "liberated": the modern woman who spends her life incarcerated in a gym prison, and sentences herself to slow death by starvation? Or the traditional woman who is free to eat whatever she wants, and as much as she wants, and knows that she is gorgeous just the way she is?

Who has the "power"--the contemporary woman who is chained to an office during the day, then punishes herself with agonizing workouts at night? Or the feminine woman who can dress herself to the nines, look as glamorous as she likes, and enjoy a social life in which she makes every man her worshipful admirer?

Who is actually "emancipated"--the feminist icon who is confined to a cubicle, and leads a loveless existence in which relationships are sacrificed to the demands of the rat race? Or the "throwback to old times," who is free to make a home for herself and her loved ones, who is pampered and spoiled by her adoring husband, who watches her children grow up, and who enjoys creative pursuits as well?

Who is living the "good life"--the modern woman who deprives her body of the nutrition that it craves, and who fights her natural inclinations every day? Or the "throwback to old times" who gets to relax and enjoy the pleasures of life (most especially good food)?

In every sense, it is the "traditional" woman, the "throwback," who is actually free, and liberated, and emancipated--free to eat, free to relax, free to be beautiful.

The modern woman, on the other hand, is the one who is in shackles, who lives her life in a cubicle-cell or a gym-prison, who sentences herself to the meagre rations of a convict, and who is constrained from exploring her own femininity.

Let us hope that plus-size models of today can show women what that "traditional" kind of beauty looks like, and demonstrate that to be a "throwback to old times" is, in fact, to be a throwback to better times--times of greater freedom, and beauty, and love.

Lillian Russell, personifying the well-fed ideal of Western history. Notice the fullness in her face, and the plumpness around her neck and shoulder area (with her collarbone sensually buried in soft flesh). Yet with the flowers in her hair, and the crown of a princess on her head, there can be no mistake that this was the epitome of beauty of her time--as it is in any time that is in tune with essential human desires.

- Lillian Russell galleries

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