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Default Re: Weight gain beautifies the face (article)

Obvious to anyone born prior to the 20th century, to be sure; but sadly, not so obvious to modern generations of women, who have been brainwashed from youth into thinking that androgynous, oval-shaped faces, with sunken cheeks and a harsh jutting jawline, are somehow "attractive." That such an unfeminine standard of appearance could have been imposed as the preferred look for women simply speaks of the nature of the individuals who control the media, and nothing of actual societal tastes.

A while ago, this site featured a discussion of the true picture of facial beauty, citing a significant study which had corroborated the timeless ideal with evolutionary biology. The study found that

"A feminine face is rounder with gentle features, big eyes, small nose . . . men from all cultures and all backgrounds find similar faces attractive. They are drawn to a babyish face and big, baby-like eyes with arched eyebrows"

and identified the evolutionary principles that brought this about. Weight gain dramatically improves facial beauty because it heightens these feminine qualities in a woman's face, just as weight loss destroys them, leaving the face looking haggard, worn, and masculinized. True, womanly beauty is contingent upon soft fullness, particularly in the visage.

Here is a close-up of Kelsey Olson's latest Torrid image. Observe just how adorably full it looks, how gently rounded are its contours, how delicate the fair complexion appears. The fresh natural makeup aids the effect, but above all it is the exquisite softness of her visage that makes her so wondrously attractive.

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
What poisons the article is the notion that there is some kind of trade off between facial beauty and bodily beauty. In fact, it has been well established that men prefer a curvier figure, so for women, weight gain is a win-win situation, creating a more desirable figure, and, as the above article notes, a more beautiful face.
Very true, and for this reason, it's worth sharing a figure shot of Kelsey in the same outfit as well. On a thinner model, the top would hang limply, but Kelsey's rounded figure gives it shape. The soft fullness of the neck and shoulder area (without the clavicle submerged) are gorgeously framed by the outfit, which also displays her lovely arms. The entire appeal of this top results from the beauty of the model's full figure.

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