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Default Re: Petition: Stop Starvation Propagandist

An article published yesterday seconds the notion that allowing a diet profiteer to begin recruiting future victims by delivering a speech at a school function is an obscenity, and must be stopped.

The author describes a nightmarish, humiliating scenario from her school days. I find it appalling that any girls have ever been subjected to such a barbaric public shaming. It sounds like something out of a dystopian novel.

I was 12 years old when I first came face to face with a set of body-fat calipers. It was year 7 health class and we were learning about weight management and body image. The teacher produced a pair of calipers and asked for a volunteer to be measured. No one moved. She scanned the room and eventually landed on me. Next thing I knew, I was lying down on the teacher's desk as she measured the fat on my thighs.

I suspect she picked me as the guinea pig because I was neither dangerously thin, nor heavily overweight. But as she read out my thigh-fat percentage to the class and declared it to be ''normal'', I frowned. By age 12 I had well and truly internalised the idea that ''normal'' meant ''not thin'' and anything other than ''thin'' was undesirable. When I returned home that day I weighed myself and resolved to lose five kilograms.

Calipers? Good God. No wonder this experienced warped the author's mind and deceived her into associating "underweight" with "normal," as most women do in our thin-supremacist culture.

The article identifies the weaselly way in which the diet industry deludes women into subjecting them to starvation: by pretending that body diminishment is some kind of magical path to fulfillment.

The dieting industry - a billion-dollar industry that profits off body dissatisfaction - is responsible for the extraordinary pressure placed on girls.

Every time girls turn on the TV or go online, they are bombarded with ads spruiking weight-loss products. The message they receive is not simply that ''thin is in'' but that body transformation leads to a happier life.

Far from it, it is a route to sure misery.

The author correctly indicates that dieting is, in fact, nothing short of a self-imposed eating disorder:

Many techniques endorsed by the dieting industry actually mimic and encourage eating-disordered behaviour.

According to eating disorder specialist Lydia Jade Turner, dieting is the biggest predictor of eating disorders and unhealthy weight loss practices are becoming the norm in schools

Given the fact that the diet-starvation is simply a peddler of mental and physical abuse, the idea that one of its representatives would be legitimized by a school board is intolerable:

It is no secret that the dieting industry has a vested interest in recruiting young girls in order to make them lifelong customers.

So why has Amy Smith, the chief executive of Jenny Craig, been invited to give the keynote address at a prestigious girls' schools conference to be hosted in May this year? Regardless of what she speaks about, why would anyone who directly profits from female body dissatisfaction be given a platform at a girls' school event?

When 12-year-old girls hate their thighs, the only one who wins is the dieting industry. The diet industry should be kept out of our schools, not given a platform within them.

Let's hope that the petition stops this diet peddler from appearing at this or any school function, and that henceforth, all representatives of this truly evil industry are banned from any public appearances.
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