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Default Re: ''Beauty Reborn'' press release

It just occurred to me that March 5th, the date of the show, is the same night as the Academy Awards. And I've never had LESS of a reason to watch the Oscars than this year. Unless Christina Schmidt does a turn on the red carpet, there's not a single actress likely to show up who will look glamorous, gorgeous, and curvy. Instead, we'll probably see a lot of "desperate house-corpses". (Not to mention the fact that not a single nominated film is even remotely watchable, let alone award-worthy.)

I hope Beauty Reborn is a taste of things to come, and will show what celebrity of the events of the future will look like - when full-figured femininity has the spotlight all to itself. With her Anita-Ekberg looks, Charlotte represents the kind of beauty that Hollywood has forgotten. True beauty.

I just wish I could be there.......
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