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Default Chloe's couturier

Chloe is an absolutely astounding beauty -- a princess out of a fairy-tale, supremely gorgeous even among Irish vixens (Ireland having produced the loveliest full-figured goddesses of our time.)

Of course, the feminine gowns that Chloe wears onstage enhance her beauty considerably. This pink dress is my favourite -- the colour suits her perfectly. And when you compare Chloe to the other girls in her group (Celtic Woman), it's remarkable how much better all of the gowns look on her, with her voluptuous figure, than on her fellow group-members, who lack her sumptuous curves.

On that note, the Celtic Woman e-newsletter announced an interesting bit of information today:

Celtic Woman would also like to say a big congratulations to Synan O'Mahony who recently picked up an award for Ireland's Designer of the Year. Hailing from Co. Limerick, Synan is one of Ireland's leading designers and is adored by celebrities and supermodels both here & abroad. The extremely modest designer is also the one responsible for creating the fabulous dresses for each of the girls of Celtic Woman.

So a native Irish designer is responsible for Chloe's dresses. How fitting! Raised in the Emerald Isle, I'm sure he would have a greater appreciation for plus-size beauty than designers in other countries.

In fact, his name seemed familiar, and when I Googled him, I discovered why. Last year, he appared on Irish television alongside another Irish goddess, Charlotte Coyle, on a program devoted to body image and the media:

And guess what? It turns out that his appreciation for timeless beauty is genuine:

Synan has used plus size models in his shows

How thrilling would it be if he staged a fashion show and featured Chloe Agnew and Charlotte Coyle in it...
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