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Default Re: Nikki from ''Mobbed'': Torrid model

Nikki is with an agency, as it turns out - an agency in California called Scout Model and Talent.

Here's her online portfolio.

It's wonderful to see that she's a full size 18. That really should be the baseline, standard size of most plus-size models.

Apparently, she still models for Torrid. Product images, mostly - but those portfolio pictures come from a recent Torrid look book called "Dress Boutique":

She has such gorgeous, fleshy arms. This reverse-view pose reminds me of Katherine Roll's recent curve-accentuating test photo, which I loved.

Better yet, it's evident that her soft, shapely arms are contoured by natural fullness, not unattractive muscle "tone."

I do wish that Nikki had fuller, rounder facial features, but she has a fantastic physique.

I can't see why any company would select models skinnier than this, when a size-18 figure shows off dresses so well.

She has attractive legs too. Great images all around.

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