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Default Re: Valerie: Fairest angel

Originally Posted by Emily
How often has the public asked for three things of the plus-size models who represent them; that they be:
Well, Valerie is all of these things.

I agree with all three points, and Im excited to see new pictures of Valerie. She really is a living doll. Its remarkable how much more comfortable and happier she looks as a size 18 than she did when she was starving herself. And more beautiful too - she has regained that special glow which she used to have, that certain radiance which is hers and hers alone.

Its amazing how she manages to turn simple Polaroids into dreamy expressions of perfect beauty. These pics probably display the wonder of her flawless complexion better than any photos I have ever seen of her. The aquamarine top matches her crystal-blue eyes, and her romantic, wavy hair is like that of a storybook princess. Just breathtaking.
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