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Default Re: The Fall Figure, with Nadia

Nadia is a gorgeous model, and I applaud Figure for its model selections. Overall, the magazine isnt as exciting as it could be (no "love affair" yet), but considering some of the horrible choices that previous incarnations of this magazine (or its predecessors) made about editorial content and ads, I think we have to be grateful for what we have, and just hope for better in the future. At least it is out there, showing the public plussize imagery that it wouldnt otherwise see.

I also appreciate the magazines choice of locations. The use of lush settings is helping to make plussize fashion campaigns more attractive all around. I just came across this beautiful image at The Bon Ton, showing a curvy-looking Maiysha in an idyllic landscape.

The mix of a visibly full figure and a rich, abundant landscape makes for a harmonious image of natural beauty.
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