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Default Re: ''Model Health Inquiry'' on, in Britain

Originally Posted by Graham
Leading actresses have condemned the pressures on young women. Kate Winslet said: "I feel very strongly that curves are natural, womanly and real." The demands on women to pursue size-zero figures was "unbelievably disturbing, " she said.

Although not actually a plus-size actress, Kate Winslet appears to be a genuine advocate of size celebration.

Fans may have heard that she was recently enlisted to become the new face of Lancôme. Apparently, she only consented with the stipulation that her images not be digitally altered in any way:

Here's the pertinent info. Note the brilliant quote from Kate's sister about actual male preferences:

Kate refuses airbrush
by Luke Blackall. Tuesday, 19 June 2007

For most A-Listers, the airbrush is their way of maintaining the illusion of their perfect looks, not for Kate Winslet.

The Oscar-winning actress, who was recently revealed as the face of Lancôme’s Tresor perfume, only accepted the modelling gig if the company promised not to airbrush her for the poster campaign.

Anna Winslet, Kate’s older sister, told this week’s First magazine: “Kate and I don’t think men like skinny, pointy, spikey women. She feels women should be allowed to be the natural shape they are without having to conform into some sort of image that is never going to be what their make-up is really about.”

Not touching up an virtually unheard of in the cosmetics industry.

So Kate's stance is fairly unique.

Her attitude reinforces her strong resistance to the pressures on female celebrities to become stick thin to succeed.

She has repeatedly said she is happy with her normal size 12 appearance and recently won a case against a celebrity magazine who suggested behind the scenes she was as nervous as otherwise...

"Skinny, pointy, spikey women" - she's right, this is not attractive to most men; or at least, not to men who are attracted to women in the first place. Actual male preferences are the exact opposite, favouring soft, curvy, rounded women.

Although Kate's stance is truly commendable, this doesn't promise a size-celebratory campaign from Lancôme, since the photographic angles could be chosen to obscure Kate's womanly figure - and at a size 12, she isn't even plus-size to begin with. Still, Ms. Winslet's stance on these issues deserve considerable praise.
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