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Default Re: ALL curves are gorgeous, pt.3

Further confirming the point of this post, the current issue of Glamour magazine includes a letter to the editor concerning the Kailee O'Sullivan picture posted above, from several issues ago. It reads:

I promise that you will continue to increase your male readership if you keep including plus-size models like Kailee O'Sullivan. Men are attracted to curves!

Dave Kovacs
San Antonio

So true! And, as has been amply demonstrated here, that doesn't just mean hourglass curves, but full waists too - as well as rounded arms, curves along the back, etc. The male writer of this letter obviously found Kailee's soft midriff extremely appealing.

Men are attracted to all aspects of feminine softness, and when women diminish their curves, they diminish their beauty, too.

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Sadly, though, there are no similarly gorgeous pages in the magazine itself - although there is a very pretty blouse on p.174, modelled by a Kelsey Olson lookalike. (If it had been modelled on Kelsey herself, it would have appeared even lovelier.)
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