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Default THRILLING Christina Schmidt at Torrid!!

Fans of Christina Schmidt will be thrilled to know that she just completed a second shoot for Torrid--and the results are perhaps the most exciting and gorgeous that any plus-size model has yet created.

The hairstyles are very experimental, and some work better than others, but Christina herself looks more curvaceous and gorgeous than ever, possessing the most angelic facial features, and shapeliest figure, of any model in the world.

This is "wild beauty" at its finest--and like nothing we have ever seen before.

Here is one of the sexiest, most alluring images that any plus-size model has ever produced:

The temperature reading is off the charts.

And here is a product image that demonstrates that she has the most seductive curves of any model working today:

Be sure also to check out a high-voltage red dress at the following link, which will remind many viewers of her sizzling crimson outfit at the YAA awards.

Christina has just advanced the cause of size celebration by a decade with this shoot.

And just think--this is only the beginning . . .

- Click here to view the sensational red dress . . .

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