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Originally Posted by HSG
If the industry were to hire more pro-curvy plus-fashion professionals, then it would be generating the kind of size-positive images that would increase its customer base. Curvy women, upon seeing these celebratory images, would embrace their generously proportioned bodies and spend their money on beautiful clothing, rather than on diet-starvation and gym-torture. Furthermore, these images would show the world just how gorgeous genuinely full-figured goddesses can be.

From personal experience as a full-figured woman, I wholeheartedly agree! It was only after admiring the images on the Judgment of Paris web site and the beautiful clothing on plus-size models at various companies that I finally gained enough confidence and determination to start purchasing truly attractive clothing for myself -- and valuing my appearance. Previously, as my weight increased, the quality of my garments would decrease (to reflect my dwindling self-image), to the point of my wardrobe consisting mainly of worn-out sweatpants and stretched-out t-shirts.

It was, of course, a self-perpetuating cycle of deterioration in which my body confidence (and in turn, self-confidence) was nearly non-existent.

And herein lies the irony of the arguments made by the curvy-fashion opponents who decry plus-size models: The more abnormal and unattractive I felt, the less I took care in my appearance. As I began to admire plus-size models (and feel less marginalized), I took more interest in my own appearance.

I now dress as someone who has some self-respect and feels generally attractive. I have improved my appearance through wearing nicer clothing and accessories, giving more attention to the details of makeup and hairstyle, and most of all, by having more self-confidence (which radiates in my smile).

As personal testimony always trumps "expert" philosophy or theory, I can only remind plus-size modeling naysayers that, clearly, the proof is in the pudding. (mmm.....)
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