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Default Re: Chloe Agnew: Solo DVD

Chloe is the perfect anti-pop-star for today's world, in terms of how she looks, what she sings, and even the kinds of videos that she appears in. The scenes from the Vivaldi song are like a living fairy-tale. That aesthetic is like something out of a 19th-century work of art, but seeing it brought to life on film, with a flesh-and-blood girl instead of a painted model, shows that this kind of timeless beauty can be realized in the contemporary world.

Chloe is definitely a stunning beauty, and here we have an example of yet another budding celebrity (like Christina Schmidt) on whom the media could shine a spotlight, it if was serious about promoting more natural body image for women. Why does the press keep talking about the starving, emaciated stars? Why not focus on these examples of full-figured young beauties, instead?

And my goodness, those Irish landscapes are breathtaking. These are the sorts of locations in which I always hoped Charlotte Coyle (the most famous of all Irish goddesses) might shoot a fashion layout, or ad campaign.

I will say, though, that I think Chloe has become even more beautiful in the year since these DVD videos were filmed, and that her hairstyle in the Slane Castle concert,

was even more attractive on her, as it emphasized the gorgeous roundness of her face.

I hope she films more classical music videos of this sort in the future, and becomes even better known in North America.
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