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Default Plus-size beauty on TV, in Texas

Every once in a while, plus-size models are invited to appear on sundry television programs to show off curvy fashions. What a pity, though, that these TV appearances are still relatively rare. In addition to the dearth of plus-size magazines, what is equally astonishing is the absence of a television series exclusively devoted to full-figure fashion, on one of cable TV's many "lifestyle" networks.

Few will remember this, but in the heady days when Mode debuted, the magazine even taked of Mode TV, which presumably would have been precisely such a program--a plus-size fashion series on cable television.

Speaking of Mode, aficionados of the magazine will certainly remember the name Michele Weston, who was the publication's Fashion & Style Director for the majority of its run. Ms. Weston recently appeared on the Great Day in Houston daytime televsion program on KHOU, in two enjoyable and informative reports about the new plus-size fashions coming across the pond from

You can view the segments by clicking on the links below:

- Curvy Fashions for Summer, pt. 1

- Curvy Fashions for Summer, pt. 2

The girls in the features all do a reasonably good job, but the star of the show is definitely the fair-haired model (Keira? Tara? the name is hard to catch).

We don't know who represents her, but she certainly is a timeless beauty, displaying full arms, a curvy waist, and a gorgeous figure that suggests alluring softness.

She also exhibits a lively, mischievous side.

Ms. Weston, using the kind of rapturous prose that one always found in Mode, says of this beauty that "She's a young, fun, luscious body." You can see that body in an attractive dress at 3'34 in the second video, and also at 2'20 in the first video.

It should hardly come as a surprise that Ms. Weston, one of Mode's guiding lights, was able to put together such a size-positive TV segment, starring such lovely talents.

The clips offer a tantalizing taste of what Mode TV might have been like . . .

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