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Default Re: Tyra's 2nd Full-Figured Top Model show

I'm delighted to finally see a fuller-figured model getting attention and recognition. Megan is truly beautiful, and an excellent representative for curvier girls. Not only is she young and pretty, but she seems very comfortable with her body - as she should be. I'd love to see an inspired plus-size retailer feature her in a fashion campaign.

And I agree that the dark-red dress is very alluring on Megan. The show couldn't have made a better choice for her. It's so body-conscious and feminine. I love the ruching. It reminds me very much of the dress that Crystal Renn wore in the Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show. This version doesn't have the flowers which Crystal's dress had along the front, nor does it have its "mermaid" bottom, but while I adored that tulle bottom on Crystal's dress, Megan's shorter version has the advantage of showing off her shapely legs.

The best thing about this show is that it didn't straightjacket Megan into any type of ugly, form-constricting "shapewear," but allowed her to show off her natural curves. Megan is a gorgeous model, and I'm glad that the Tyra show gave her a national podium.
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