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Default Re: Tyra's 2nd Full-Figured Top Model show

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
The best thing about this show is that it didn't straightjacket Megan into any type of ugly, form-constricting "shapewear," but allowed her to show off her natural curves.

I agree. It's interesting that you bring this up, because just today, I read an article that revealed the severe health hazards that result from wearing these ghastly torture-garments:

The sheer physical pain of wearing such items is more than mere discomfort. It is a dire warning that one's health is being impaired -- just as the agony of diet-starvation is a clear indication that the body is being damaged by self-deprivation.

As usual, the body intuitively knows what's best for it. Comfort, pleasure, and health go hand in hand. Nature built us that way.

Megan is truly lovely. I respect Tyra very much for producing these shows, but it's disturbing how unnaturally skinny she looks, in the photographs where she's standing beside Megan. And what's frightening is that many models are even more underweight than Tyra is, which shows just how emaciated and unnatural the straight-size "standard" really is.

The plus-size ideal looks so much healthier and more normal. Seeing Megan standing at the end of the table makes me think of a sculpture of a goddess, atop a pedestal.
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