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Default Re: Barbara: A modelling cadenza at Nordstrom

The original post mentioned that while Barbara's poses and expressions were artistic, the clothing wasn't as attractive as it might have been. But there is a new image at Nordstrom today that is quite stunning, and it's an outfit that I *really* like. Something about the very natural colour and texture of the fabric, and the way it frames Barbara's figure, makes it seem especially classical to me. And the hairstyle reminds me of the one Barbara wore in her recent Marc von Borstel test. This image has that unique "Greek sculpture brought to life" feeling that Barbara creates in some of her best images.

Some of the newer models on this site are exciting because there's a certain feeling of surprise and expectancy about them. What will they do/create next? one wonders. But Barbara evokes that feeling too, even though she has already created so many amazing images in her career. You always know that no matter how incredible her past work has been, even better images could be coming the very next day- like this one, about which I can only say, WOW!

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