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Default Re: Caralyn & Whitney: ''Fiercely Real'' pt. 2

Originally Posted by HSG
this competition proved to be a disappointment by merely selecting finalists size 12 and 14, when it was nominally open to girls up to a 20. This was an opportunity to push plus-size modelling in the direction that it needs to go--away from the faux-plus deception, and toward embracing genuinely full-figured starlets.

I strongly agree with this. I wish the contest had featured at least a few girls who were more curvaceous. But I am very glad that it put the idea of the "junior plus-size model" in people's minds. Fashion always uses the excuse that it employs skeletal models because they're young. Well, you can be young and curvy. The next time some designer tries to excuse a parade of androgyny by saying, "I want to use younger girls in my show," the response should be, "Okay, but there are plenty of models that age who are plus-size and have real figures, and don't look like they're starving to death."

The Tyra site has posted Caralyn's photos from the show, in good quality.

She's so pretty.

And here's a group shot. You can tell Caralyn right away, by the hand gesture. (grin) I hope we get to see more of her in the future. She was born to be a star.

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