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Default Katherine Roll: Macy's fashion show

An article in reports on a Macy's fashion show that took place last Saturday in Danbury, CT, featuring gorgeous plus-size model Katherine Roll.

The show, hosted by Robbie Laughlin of E! News, presented Katherine in a wickedly figure-hugging red dress, which beautifully embraced her middle.

She also appeared in a dress with a plunging neckline. The blue fabric contrasted well with her golden tresses.

Katherine was even identified by name in the article (the only one of the models to be so honoured):

"Neo Geo," a more enigmatic title, was next. The look uses geometric patterns, lots of houndstooth and color-block solids. Katherine Roll sported a cutaway jacket over a bold red dress. ("Don't be afraid of color!")

As she is at every FFFWeek, Katherine was clearly the star of the show, and with her angelic features and luscious figure, the evening was all about her -- as it should be!
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