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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Queen Grace

I have never before seen Kelsey look so refined. Yet she doesn't sacrifice her femininity or gentle softness to create this elegance, but melds youth with stateliness to achieve a vigorous, full-bodied splendour.

Even as behind-the-scenes snapshots, these photographs are gorgeous. The catalogue is sure to be absolutely stunning, and the fashions are sensual and sophisticated. I can't wait to see the photos of Kelsey in FFFWeek.

Also, I love the name of the line. It serves as a reminder that full-figured feminine beauty was an aristocratic ideal, as was the entire Western beauty aesthetic in all of the arts, one which held sway until the nobility was displaced in the 20th century. But the public still yearns for that queenly vision of beauty, and Kelsey's images for this line are a wonderful expression of how the timeless ideal can be restored in the present day.
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