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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Queen Grace

As recently noted, Queen Grace has now, at long last, released images of its forthcoming fall collection online. You can see the whole series online at the Queen Grace site by clicking on the "Fall 2011 Collection" link, from the cover page:

Here are the 11 items currently listed, although the QG site also identifies style numbers, fabric, etc., so it should be consulted as well.

Nina Blouse, Kathryn Skirt -- I love the ruffles at the neck and the close fit of the skirt. I could see it in a professional environment, but the skirt shows off a daring bit of leg, so it has evening sass too.

Rony Blouse, Eva Skirt -- Purple is, of course, the royal colour, which is perfect for a collection called Queen Grace. I adore how fair Kelsey appears in these images. The skirt accentuates natural details of her figure, like the slight curve at her middle.

Evelyn Dress -- This item is a little more assertive and contemporary, so Kelsey, fittingly, wears a bold red lip colour to show it off, and her stance has a lot of attitude.

Elise Dress -- I love how Kelsey creates a different persona depending on the nature of each garment. In this lace dress, she becomes more princess-like, softer and more traditionally feminine. This is the item that Katherine Roll wore on the runway at FFFWeek, to so much acclaim.

Larisa Dress -- This item is fascinating for the asymmetrical ribbing. I love how Kelsey's pose, with her outstretched arm, seems to cleverly echo the lines in the dress. Of all of the Queen Grace items, this one is the most seductive from the reverse view.

Zina Dress -- This was the item featured in the second behind-the-scenes photo from the Queen Grace catalogue shoot, as shown in the first post in this thread. Again, the purple hue gives it the look of royalty, and lace is traditionally feminine. Yet the deep V neckline makes it extremely alluring.

Grace Dress -- The leather look of the fabric gives it a hint of danger. In this outfit, I think of Kelsey as a silver-screen vixen, a bad girl with a good-girl look; the ultimate femme fatale. Any curvy girl in this dress would experience a similar feeling of self-satisfaction.

Lana Dress -- In this body-hugging dress, Kelsey looks most sinful of all. "Lana" must surely refer to Lana Turner, the most dangerous blonde beauty of her day. The tight, perfect fit of this dress accentuates Kelsey's womanly hips. Or is it her curvaceous hips that give the dress its sexy shape? In fact, the two go hand in hand: the body and the dress go together perfectly, creating the most alluring contours. It's just as seductive from the reverse view.

Victoria Dress -- So very, very pretty. And so right that Kelsey should take on her softer expression for this item. It's the most traditional of the Queen Grace outfits, yet also, interestingly, the most youthful, for it reminds me of dresses that young girls from noble or wealthy backgrounds would wear. Very classy and becoming.

Elena Dress -- The most architectural of the Queen Grace dresses, a real departure. Yet on Kelsey, it looks gorgeous. Her body doesn't consign the dress to an angular look, but shapes into into a pleasing, curvaceous form. Oh, how her blue eyes radiate, even in this diminutive picture. They play off against her blonde tresses so prettily, like sapphires. The lighter colour of the grey fabric sets them off.

Mae Dress -- Here it is: the show-stopper, the crown jewel, the Mae West gown, which appeared in the first behind-the-scenes photo, and which Kelsey wore at the FFFWeek show. It definitely deserves to be the climax of the collection. It's so regal, with the lace, but also extremely alluring, with the deep décolletage and the body-conscious fit, which defines Kelsey's perfect curves. Stunning in this photo, and even more stunning on the runway.

What a fantastic, unsurpassable collection. The Queen Grace items are like Kelsey herself: able to reconcile sexiness with sophistication. I can't wait for this line to be released.
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