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Default Re: Female fashionistas push size 0 (article)

Originally Posted by Maureen
men know what they find beautiful, and don't care about changing trends in women's attire, or what the different things are called. Most men's tastes are not dictated by fashion magazines, as too many women's are. True beauty is seasonless and can never be rendered obsolete.

I wish more men would raise their voices!

I agree. Needless to say, some men merely have vulgar tastes (the kind who like obscene magazines, for example), but the more refined individuals would have something worthwhile, perhaps invaluable, to contribute.

Think of someone like Alexander Walker -- the Victorian writer whose book, Beauty, was described on this site a while back:

He obviously had a sensual appreciation of women, but his aesthetic observations on femininity, on fashion, are some of the best I've ever read. And he clearly had a preference for the curvy aesthetic. This kind of voice is exactly what's missing in fashion and the media today (especially to offset the self-perpetuating, like-minded, thin-supremacist viewpoint of the fringe individuals who dominate modern culture).
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