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Default Re: Plus-Size Barbie

Oh, goodness, I'm so torn as to whether I prefer Ciotka Kena or the Body Shop's "Ruby" (who was as mentioned in the post) as my favourite plus-size Barbie.

On the one hand, I love the fact that Ruby has gorgeously full thighs and legs to go along with her luscious figure. It's a pity that Ciotka Kena lacks those attributes. Plus, Ruby has the more lavishly alluring hairstyle. And I've always adored how she was pictured in her famous Body Shop image -- lounging sensually on a sofa. As many have said on this forum, there is nothing more seductive than seeing a full-figured goddess in a state of indolent repose, luxuriating in her own well-fed beauty.

I found a second image of Ruby that the Body Shop released with this campaign. The sofa graphic, above, was a computer image, not an actual plastic model, but this might have been a physical sculpture of a real-life doll. I adore how she's thrusting her hands into her tresses, letting everyone look at her gorgeous physique. Plus, this image shows that she has full upper arms.

On the other hand, what's fantastic about Ciotka Kena is that she more closely resembles the iconic image of Barbie, with her blonde hair and blue eyes. She truly is a "plus-size Barbie." And somehow, seeing 24 units of her, not just one, arranged in a row just as she would be displayed on a store shelf if she were a real mass-market toy available for purchase, makes her seem that much more real, and believable, and possible.

Ideally, I would love to see both dolls become genuine products available for girls to buy. They could be part of a whole line of plus-size dolls, one the blonde Ciotka Kena, another the red-haired Ruby, and several others.

In fact, why not six more, making a total of eight in this line? The Body Shop tag line reads,

There are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels, and only 8 who do.
Well, both this blonde plus-size Barbie and this red-haired plus-size Barbie look like two of those eight. These dolls resemble true supermodels to me -- or supermodels as I'd like to see them. Both have faces with supermodel-beauty: round, soft, and gorgeously pretty. (Literally "doll like.")

I have no doubt that if there were a line of 8 plus-size Barbies like these, girls would love them, and would prefer them to any stick-thin versions. And they'd grow up with a much better body image as a result.
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