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Default Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video

Okay, here's something everyone on this forum has been dying to see: a behind-the-scenes video of Sophie Sheppard shooting for Autograph fashion -- and in her most gorgeous looks.

This is one of the most beautiful plus-size-model videos I've ever seen. Sophie has never been lovelier, nor looked softer, fuller, and more attractive.

Even at the beginning, at 0:13, there's a shot of Sophie being made up (while the host is speaking) and as she turns toward the camera, her hair falls over her face. So gorgeous!

From 0:20 on, she shows off that ultra-feminine lacy top that brings out her softness. And oh, the way she models it is so perfect -- so graceful, languid, relaxed.

From 0:39 onwards, several shots show her looking alluringly luscious and buxom.

The way she tosses her golden hair, as the sunlight catches it, is pure magic.

The setting couldn't be prettier, a beautiful, outdoor backdrop that harmonizes with Sophie's natural beauty. At one point, there's even a waterfowl in the corner of the shot. So idyllic.

Most beautiful plus-size model of all time. No question. This photo shot confirms it. Autograph is creating visions of classical perfection with Sophie.
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