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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video

So many wonderful pictures of Sophie from Autograph to share!

First, a graphic introducing a new line of dresses modelled by Sophie:

The pictures are in splendidly large dimensions and show her looking luscious and full-figured, even exhibiting a hint of a curve under the chin.

Then, a number of cover images -- the first showing Sophie in one of the outfits seen in the video that Pamela posted.

She looks so incredibly gorgeous in this photo, with full facial features and her long, golden tresses flowing in the wind. It really is the loveliest of all the Autograph covers, thanks too to its idyllic natural setting.

Several more recent Autograph covers shown her in attire that seems designed for "the races." We don't really have a tradition like this in North America, but in Australia and in the U.K., as far as I understand, it's quite a social event to go to the races and be seen in beautiful outfits like these. The blossom in the hair adds to Sophie's femininity and is the prettiest hair accessory imaginable.

And loveliest of all, here's a snapshot of an in-store Autograph poster of Sophie looking utterly adorable:

In the last photo, Sophie is reminiscent of a young Christie Brinkely (but curvier and prettier). That's right -- Sophie is more gorgeous even than supermodels who are legendary for their beauty, proving yet again that even the best of the straight-size models cannot hold a candle to full-figured goddesses.
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