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Default Re: Christina Schmidt on the Torrid cover!!!

That picture is absolutely brilliant - and breathtaking. The expression is perfect for a young starlet like Christina. It has all of her exciting attitude and ultra-confidence, and it also shows off the dress really well. Christina always has that special "supermodel" presence about her, a degree of amazing beauty that totally puts her in a class of her own. But she is on our side (the side of curvy girls), thank goodness!

What a thrill to finally see her in the main Torrid image.

And Torrid couldnt have made a better choice of picture than this. No one, except maybe Barbara, can model a dress the way Christina can, and this is a gorgeous style that suits her, and all curvy girls, perfectly. I especially love the deep decolletage, and the ribbon on the front (plus the lace - Im a sucker for lace). I found this dress in the "party outfit guide" on the Torrid site.

If a cuvy girl can look one-tenth as luscious in it as Christina does, she will be the envy of every skinny girl who lays eyes on her!
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