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Default Christina Schmidt VIDEO

We never thought that it would happen, but Kailee O'Sullivan's first Ford video has finally been surpassed. The title of "best plus-size model video" now belongs to Wilhelmina goddess Christina Schmidt.

As if it were an anniversary present for aficionados of timeless beauty, the Wilhelmina agency finally released Miss Schmidt's long-awaited promotional clip today, and in it, Christina presents herself as the curviest, most beautiful, most poised model ever to appear in an agency film.

The fact that Christina's video performance is the most accomplished, most polished, should come as no surprise, since she has years of acting experience to her name. No other plus-size model has even a tenth as much professional screen time as Miss Schmidt, and that experience is very much on display in this flawless video.

Indeed, this is the first time that fans have seen Christina on film since her unforgettable Degrassi episodes, and her rapport with the camera is as remarkable as ever.

Fans will be thrilled with this video, as it shows Christina's beauty in three dimensions. After a series of headshots, Christina does a catwalk strut, and moves in an extraordinarily fluid, graceful manner.

Her every movement is smooth and natural--a gift undoubtedly acquired half innately, and half through years of television work.

At all times, she knows exactly where the camera is, and instinctively knows just the right moment to flash a captivating expression.

The video admirably showcases the model's curves, panning slowly, adoringly over her soft figure.

But what makes the presentation so magical is that Christina always adds a signature glance, a coy look, to increase the effect.

She moves with complete comfort and relaxation, utterly at ease with her generous, rounded contours, exuding the overweening confidence that has made her so popular.

But if fans think that the first half of the video is captivating, they will simply die when they view the second half, showing Christina in a delicate unmentionables outfit.

The lacy lingerie harmonizes with her robust figure, suggesting as much as revealing. And for this section, Christina heightens her allure-factor still further, gazing at the camera with simmering passion.

Indeed, it is fair to say that no other model--not one--can match Christina for steamy looks. Even the best Victoria's Secret or Guess models would have a hard time approaching her expressive sensuality.

Add to that the intoxicating appeal of Christina's sumptuous, well-fed figure, and this video is without a doubt the most smouldering presentation of feminine allure ever filmed.

But there is one aspect of the video that these still photos cannot capture--and that is, the soft, breathy sweetness of Christina's voice. Christina may have the most delicately feminine, beautiful speaking voice of any model.

And that--along with her bewitching demeanour and balletic movements--is something that only video can reveal.

So fans of timeless beauty, click on the link below, and view the most breathtaking 60 seconds of feminine pulchritude you may ever see in this world.

- Click here to watch the video (16.6 Mb .mov file)
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