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Default Re: Katrina van Tassel: Disney's curvy heroine

First, allow me to say how much I enjoy Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and how much I prefer it to the disappointing live-action version by Tim Burton of a few years ago. The Disney film is remarkably faithful to Irving's story, and in the final pulse-pounding Headless Horseman sequence it's actually marvellously spooky, especially for younger viewers. A perfect Hallowe'en treat.

I agree with Emily, who mentioned that Tamika's descriptions of Katrina and her wardrobe are seductively pro-curvy and thus worthy of her subject:

Originally Posted by Tamika
Katrina’s romantic attire enhances her feminine charms. Delicate pink, cut low over the bosom, and baring her plump arms, one can hardly imagine anything better suited to the coquettish temptress. The plentiful fabric of her full skirt swishes and sways about her as she coyly gathers the fabric in her hand, lifting it slightly to reveal the briefest glimpse of rounded calves. Though not overtly, vulgarly provocative, Katrina’s feminine allure is undeniably sensual, due to her shapely figure.

I especially appreciate the reference to her lovely "rounded calves." For me, of all her figure features, those are what particularly demonstrate that Katrina really does have a plus-size physique, because her calves are shown bare -- if only briefly glimpsed -- and they do look attractively untoned and full.

Also, Tamika's point that Katrina is "sensual" but not "vulgar" is crucial. For all that she is flirtatious, she is also virtuous, as the song "Katrina" indicates. Like the best Disney songs, it helps tell the story and provides important information about the character that isn't available otherwise. The lyrics are:

♪ Once you have met that little coquette Katrina
You won't forget Katrina
But nobody yet has ever upset Katrina
That cute coquette Katrina
You can do more with Margaret or Helena
Or Ann or Angelina

But Katrina will kiss and run
To her a romance is fun
With always another one to start
And then when you've met that little coquette Katrina
You've lost your heart ♪

The lyric that I've bolded indicates that Katrina actually sets clear boundaries, that by comparison other girls will let guys go further ("do more") with them, take liberties, but Katrina preserves her virtue and will only allow a chaste kiss. Only when Katrina and Brom Bones wed she she indulge in a passionate display of love -- so passionate that it astonishes even him. She actually waits for marriage. This is another reason why she is a good heroine for young girls to discover.

By the way, someone pointed out to me a nice fan page devoted to the film. It's a older page, but still worth a look:
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