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Default Re: Katrina van Tassel: Disney's curvy heroine

I finally discovered where everyone has been finding the lovely screencaps of Katrina. Click on the images to view them full size. They're in reverse order, so going through the five pages' worth of caps is like viewing the film in reverse.


Also, something that's wonderful about the film is that Katrina is not shown being resented by any of the unattractive girls in the village. There are no shrews or jealous homelier girls trying to undermine her. This too teaches young girls an important lesson: that feminine beauty part of the loveliness of the world. It is something to be celebrated, like a gift for music, or a talent for painting, or a lovely meadow. One shouldn't resent it, but celebrate it and adore that it exists, because a Katrina makes the world a more beautiful place by her presence in it.

I also adore the look of the town itself. It's the perfect colonial setting, the American equivalent of Nürnberg in Wagner's opera Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg - an organic community.
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