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Default Torrid swimwear

Someday, some forward-thinking retailer is going to enlist the services of Christina Schmidt or Kelsey Olson for a swimwear promotion, and in doing so, will create one of the most celebrated and widely-publicized campaigns of all time.

Alas, that day is not yet here.

However, Torrid must be applauded for its current swimwear images, which do embody the principles of size celebration, and showcase genuinely attractive beach attire.

The model in these images is Valerie Flynt, who has won praise for her creative tests. Perhaps some models have prettier facial features than Ms. Flynt, but Valerie does possess one of the more luscious figures of any working model, and these images admirably show it off.

Torrid must particularly be applauded for exhibiting its swimwear from the reverse view as well as from the front. Many of these garments are halter styles, and the reverse view of a halter design is even more important than the front view.

The following picture deserves the highest accolades. This is quite simply one of the most sensual images that any model has ever created, a breathtaking presentation of well-fed beauty. Photographer Michael Anthony commendably avoided airbrushing the model's delicious figure, instead displaying its natural fullness. Note in particular the sumptuous curves along the model's back, which, (as described in a previous thread on this forum,) are perhaps the most alluring physical characteristics that true goddesses possess. The model's figure suggests pampered softness and generously-indulged luxuriance. Notice also the beauty of her fair skin tone. Despite modern myths to the contrary, fair skin is far more seductive than a leathery, over-tanned hide.

Click to view image source

The swimsuit itself is Torrid's very best, with the lively fuchsia trim adding a feminine touch to the polka-dot design. Above all, it is the low cut of the swimsuit at the back that makes this such a winning design, as it shows off an alluring expanse of the model's bare figure, and fits comfortably, without restricting her curves.

The above garment should serve as a guide for halter design in general. Many plus-size retailers make the mistake of cutting their halter tops and halter dresses too high in the back, thereby erasing their sensual appeal. The cut shown in the preceding image is ideal--extremely eye-catching, and comfortable for the wearer.

The next design is somewhat less successful, but still attractive. The halter is cut a little too high, but not overly so, and one can discern alluring curves beneath the fabric. The swimsuit creates a wonderful hourglass shape, framing the model's womanly hips. The ribbon-tie at the neck is an especially pretty feature. The only shortcoming is the visible seam; surely there could be a better placement.

Click to view image source

Particularly attractive on fair-haired girls is this next suit, with its baby-blue polka-dot print. Again, it is a bit too high at the back, but not overly so, and still suggests lovely curves beneath the fabric.

Click to view image source

The next halter design exhibits the pitfall of a too-high cut at the back. The model's curves look...compressed, forced into place. It is nowhere near as seductive a look as the first swimsuit, and doesn't appear to be nearly as comfortable. The ribbon at the neck is pretty, of course, but there is simply too much fabric here.

Click to view image source

Torrid is also promoting two new non-halter designs, which, while reasonable, only serve to demonstrate how much more attractive the halter style is for full-figure swimwear. The lip of the suit is a bit too high, but low enough to display an attractive curve just above the edge of the fabric. The straps are undoubtedly functional, but the bare-back look of the halter style is far more seductive.

Click to view image source

And finally, although this swimsuit comes in a very pretty colour, and is quite appealing from the front, the back is cut far too high, creating an unfortunate constricting effect.

Click to view image source

Look again at how much more relaxed and sensual the first design is. This swimsuit provides an idea template for any and all halter designs, which should always plunge at least this low at the back, for comfort and beauty.

Click to view image source

Bravo to Torrid for featuring its swimwear on a genuinely full-figured model, for photographing her in a size-positive manner, and for designing such pretty beachwear.

When summer comes around, all voluptuous vixens should proudly don swim attire. In doing so, they are sure to capture the hearts of any young lads at the beach, and leave the bony waifs in the dust.

(You may click on any of the above images to view the original product pages.)

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