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Default Curvaceous belly-dancer/model

Although I'm as fond of curvy waists as everyone else on this forum, I've never quite gotten the appeal of belly dancing. I'm not sure why. The Indian aesthetic has never quite connected with me, and the movements of this style of dance somehow don't seem as sensual as you'd think they would.

But I recently came across images of a very shapely model showing off belly-dance costumes, and the images are size-positive enough that they deserve to be featured here.

The model is curvy enough to be called genuinely plus-size, and has an attractively untoned midsection, which the costumes show off very well. The outfits are colourful and quite pretty.

While these are costumes, they have elements that a good designer could probably incorporate into swimwear, or lingerie, or decorative tops. They're opulent without being outlandish.

Here's a reverse view of the above item. The model has attractively soft curves along her back as well, and shapely arms.

It's interesting to see these outfits modelled by someone with such fair skin. Usually you see them on dancers with darker complexions. The lighter skin sets off the colours in a vivid way, and somehow the fairer skin seems softer.

I found these pictures on the site of a professional dancer ( - one who is definitely not plus-size. They used to appear in her site's "shop," which is currently not up and running. I don't know whether she created the images herself, or obtained them from a costume wholesaler and was marketing them - the way that the images of wholesaler Intimate Attitudes are seen online at countless plus-size lingerie shops.

I don't know if the model is a professional plus-size model or not, or a belly dancer herself, but it's nice to see a model with a soft physique in outfits that accentuate her full proportions, and are sensual and exotic, yet tasteful.

Hopefully these images will help women feel better about having, and showing off, their natural curves.
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