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Default Re: The end of catwalk androgyny? (article)

Originally Posted by Chad
One medical study after another has conclusively linked images of underweight models to promoting eating disorders, and these people are allowed to appear on TV and pretend that these fact don't exist. Why doesn't some responsible reporter stick these reports and studies right in these editors' faces, and ask, "What do you have to say for yourself now?" Here is PROOF that the images you create, the models you use, ARE part of the problem."

I think a major obstacle are anorexics themselves. Many who suffer from the illness presently, or have in the past, refuse to acknowledge the very powerful and pervasive influence that the media has had on their disease, specifically images of modern androgyny. Many will attribute their problem to everything under the sun BUT the most obvious thing - the fashion/beauty industry. If more women who have suffered with anorexia stood up and held the industry accountable and protested this poisonous influence, the media could no longer get away with ignoring the issue.
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