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Default Tristan & Isolde (2006)

I remember there were a number of posts about the movie Troy on this forum before it debuted, citing it as an example of a film that would have been perfect for a Classically-proportioned actress.

I've found another one that falls into this category -- although, like Troy, I do have some hope that this will be a faithfully historical motion picture, and will avoid modern politicizing and feminist revisionism.

It's called Tristan & Isolde, and it's set for release in 2006.

Here's the official trailer for the film:

The film looks like it will be very atmospheric and true to the Northern European spirit of the source material.

Interestingly, the music will not be by Wagner. I adore Wagner's score, but it probably would have been difficult to compress into a feature-length film. I believe the plot will also diverge somewhat from Wagner's.

Perhaps the most uncanny thing about the film is that the actress who plays Isolde, Sophia Myles, is remarkably similar to Kelsey Olson (who is probably everyone's dream image of what an Isolde should look like):

A British actress, Sophia has lovely round facial features, a little like Kate Winslet's, and was an infinitely better better choice than any Hollywood waif with a radioactive tan would have been. But still, Kelsey or a fair-haired Christina Schmidt would have been more visually-appropriate Isoldes, for the time period.

Here is another image of Sophia. I am cautiously optimistic about this film.

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